Cancelling a Titan License

Your Titan license may need to be cancelled in some circumstances such as if you are moving your Titan server from one computer to another.


  1. Ensure that no one is using a SPACE GASS licence attached to the Titan server about to be cancelled.

  2. Run the Titan Administration tool, select the "Reports" tab, make a note of the "Registration ID" number, click the "Stop Titan" button and then exit the tool. Note that you can skip this step if the Titan service is not running (provided you know your Titan Registration ID number).

  3. Click here to download the Titan Utility tool installer (or click here if you are using Windows Server 2008 or older) and, when finished, run the downloaded file to install it. Note that if your Titan Administration tool is older than v9.06 (check its title bar), you should click here to download an older version of the utility tool instead, save it into the folder where Titan is installed (usually c:\Program files (x86)\TitanLM), run it from this location and then proceed directly to step 5 below.

  4. Run the Titan Utility tool via the Start button => All Programs => Titan License Manager => Utility Tool and then select the "Registration Cancel" tab.


  5. Enter your Vendor ID (usually 777) and Registration ID (a 7 digit number starting with 777) and then click the "Registration Cancel and Confirm" button.

  6. Paste the generated "Confirmation Code" into an email and send it to This is not an automated service and so please also include your contact details in the email so that you can be identified.