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Subscriptions and Maintenance

Get the most out of SPACE GASS

Now that you have purchased SPACE GASS, you will naturally want to get the most out of it. You can do this by:

  • Learning how to use SPACE GASS properly
  • Getting help with technical problems
  • Keeping your SPACE GASS up to date

A SPACE GASS subscription gives you access to all these things!

Participate in our Online Training Courses

Training webinars are conducted by the authors of SPACE GASS throughout the year. They enable you to become highly proficient with the program in the areas you are interested in. The training sessions are available to those of you with a current maintenance contract and there is no charge involved.

Each webinar concentrates on a particular area of SPACE GASS such as creating/editing a model, analysing and getting results, cables, plates, moving loads, master-slave constraints, buckling analysis, dynamic analysis, steel member design, steel connection design, concrete beam design, concrete column design, shape builder, custom libraries, customizing SPACE GASS, etc.

You can ask questions during the session and for 20-30 minutes afterwards. Answers are provided during the event and in the following period. All participants receive a certificate of participation and a link to a recording of the event.

Train Yourself with our Training Videos

A comprehensive suite of training videos is available from www.spacegass.com/training. The videos cover most parts of the program and are suitable for beginners or advanced users.

Receive Technical Support

Experience our top-notch technical support by email or phone. For most support issues we recommend that you email us a copy of your job (if it is job related), together with a brief description of the problem. Most technical issues can be addressed quickly. Email support@spacegass.com

Have Access to Upgrades

It is very important that you keep your SPACE GASS up to date!! If not, you will miss out on bug fixes, enhancements and updates made due to changes in the codes of practice. Using out of date structural engineering software can be dangerous!

Upgrades for SPACE GASS are posted to the website on a regular basis and you can simply help yourself to them by visiting the upgrades page. If a critical upgrade is released then you will be notified by SPACE GASS when you run it for the first time in the day. Note that you can turn off these notifications however we strongly advise against this.

Have an older perpetual type license?

If you don't yet have maintenance subscription with your perpetual license, or your maintenance subscription is about to expire, contact us to order or renew your maintenance subscription otherwise you will not have access to updates or technical support.

Terms and Conditions

We will provide you with all patches and upgrades of SPACE GASS and its optional modules licensed to you that become available during the term of the subscription. These provisions do not include increasing the number of licensed copies of SPACE GASS or its optional modules nor do they include licensing you for any new optional modules released for the first time during the period of the maintenance subscription.

We will notify you by email or via an automated message from within SPACE GASS whenever a new patch or upgrade becomes available. Delivery of the patch or upgrade will be via a download link contained in the notification message.

A perpetual license maintenance subscription for a network version of SPACE GASS must include all the licences attached to the network lock. Furthermore, any new licences purchased for that lock during the period of the perpetual license maintenance subscription must be added to the subscription and the appropriate pro-rata maintenance fee paid.

We will provide email, telephone support on a business day basis during the hours from 9:00am until 5:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Such support shall include the diagnosis and resolution of installation or operational problems that prevent SPACE GASS from running or result in performance that is below the published capabilities of SPACE GASS.

We will also provide advice on modelling issues related to optimization and how to identify and resolve ill-conditioning, instability and convergence problems, however this will be of an advisory nature only without any guarantee of a resolution.

We will not provide advice on structural engineering design, but may, at its sole discretion, suggest ways of modelling common engineering problems in SPACE GASS. We will not be held responsible for the consequences of providing such suggestions.

We will commence work on resolving installation or operational problems within one hour of notification and will engage staff during business hours to find an acceptable solution. We will commence work on providing advice for modelling issues within two hours of notification.

We will not be required to provide support for SPACE GASS problems caused by a deficiency or fault in your computer system or network, or caused by interference from a virus or any other software program that is not a part of SPACE GASS.