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Learn how to use SPACE GASS

Training Webinars

There are no new webinars scheduled for the immediate future, however details will appear on this page as soon any new webinars are announced.

Recordings of SPACE GASS webinars that were conducted during the past few years are now available for downloading via the following links. They run for up to one hour each and provide a thorough demonstration of each topic.

SPACE GASS & CHECKWIND Integration (Feb 2023)
Harmonic & Transient (Time-History) Response Analysis (Nov 2019)
Spectral Response (Earthquake) Analysis (Nov 2019)
Reinforced Concrete Slab Design (Oct 2019)
Plate Element Modeling and Meshing (Oct 2019)
Plate Elements (March 2017)
Portal Frame Builder and Shape Builder (Feb 2017)
RC Beam and Column Design (Feb 2017)
SPACE GASS Overview (Jan 2017)
Moving Loads (Dec 2016)
Steel Connection Design (Dec 2016)
Steel Member Design (Nov 2016)

Training Videos

The following videos show how to use SPACE GASS, starting with a number of overview videos that are suitable for new users, and then progressing to videos on graphics, modelling, analysis and design that are suitable for intermediate and advanced users.

If you are new to SPACE GASS, we recommend that you view each video and then try the demonstrated features yourself before moving on to the next one.

New videos will be added on a regular basis and so we recommend that you visit this page periodically to keep up to date.

Note that some of the older videos below use the old SPACE GASS user interface rather than the new renderer interface. Despite this, all of the demonstrated principals still apply and you can perform the same procedures in the new user interface. These videos will be updated in due course.


  • Part 1 - Introducing SPACE GASS

  • Part 2 - Input methods overview

  • Part 3 - Analysis and results overview

  • Part 4 - Steel member design input overview

  • Part 5 - Steel member design procedure and results overview

  • Part 6 - Reinforced concrete beam and column design overview

Graphical Input

  • Part 1 - Basic Concepts

  • Part 2 - Geometry input

  • Part 3 - Properties input

  • Part 4 - Loads input

  • Part 5 - Analysis and results

  • Part 6 - Extending a 2D model to 3D

Portal Frame Builder

  • Generating a complete portal frame building model including wind loads and design data

Moving Loads

  • Bridge Deck

  • Overhead Travelling Crane


  • Linear and non-linear static analysis

  • Buckling Analysis

  • Dynamic Frequency Analysis

  • Dynamic Spectral Response Analysis

Steel Member Design

  • Part 1 - Basic Input

  • Part 2 - Further Input

  • Part 3 - Running a Check

  • Part 4 - Running a Design

Steel Connection Design

  • Designing and/or checking steel connections in a SPACE GASS model

Reinforced Concrete Design

  • Concrete column design

  • Concrete beam design

  • Concrete manager

Plate Element

  • Part 1 - Concrete slab input, meshing and offsetting

  • Part 2 - Concrete slab loads input, analysis and results

  • Part 3 - Steel tank input

  • Part 4 - Steel tank loads input, analysis and results

Linking to SPACE GASS

  • Part 1 - Linking to Tekla, Revit, Bentley, AutoCAD, StruCAD, Prosteel, Frameworks, etc

  • Part 2 - Extra link to Revit Structure

  • Part 3 - Grasshopper parametric input