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Job Uploader

Send us your SPACE GASS Model

If you need to send us a SPACE GASS job or related files for a technical support or other issue, you can use this page to do it.

Because SPACE GASS jobs are in a compressed form, they are often blocked by spam filters if you try to simply email them to us. This page doesn't have those problems and is a convenient alternative way of sending jobs and other related files to us.

To send files:

  1. Simply drag the files to be sent into the box below or just click anywhere in the box and then select the files to be sent.

  2. Do not leave this page until the uploads are complete and a tick briefly appears on the thumbnail for each file sent.

  3. If a cross appears on a thumbnail, hover over it with your mouse to see what the problem is. Note that you can't send files larger than 50Mb, however feel free to contact us if you need this limit temporarily increased.

  1. When the uploads are complete, fill out the form below and then click the Send It button. Don't forget to list the names of the files you uploaded in the message box below so that we can match them to you.

Any jobs you send will be treated with utmost confidentiality as per our Privacy Policy.